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Feck. Wait, what?

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So...daily gym visits have *not* happened. Did I mention that I made the decision (and signed up) to join my current gym while somewhat intoxicated? When my buzz starts to wear off, I swear I want to go do whatever task I'm thinking of at that moment.

Regardless of when I made the decision, I went to have the gym's "complimentary" trainer consultation. I didn't really get anything but insulted. The high-pressure sales pitch was kind of a downer. The dude tried to convince me that I would be more likely to stick w/an exercise program if I signed up for sessions. (At this point in time, with NiteFlirt payments six weeks overdue and no other source of income, I'm financing everything with a credit card)

I told him that signing up/paying doesn't help any of the folks who join the gym and never return, ergo if I signed up for training sessions I'd be just as likely to cancel on those, too. But I can't really cancel/ignore myself. I live here...

So I decided to keep a food diary and work out a schedule/exercise program to maximize the amount of time I spend in the gym (it's a bitch of a 30 minute drive, considering I don't cross the bridge for any other reason these days).

I also quit the dispatch phone company. After a few days, I just hated it. I don't want to describe "my" penis to callers wanting to talk to a transvestite and when a white guy called me via the "Ebony" extension and wanted insight into a black girl's mind/life (I'm white) I just felt like a damn fraud. I have an interview at a coffee shop in the morning-a total 180 from bartending, but still a culinary art I've wanted to learn more in-depth.

Yay for routine!!! I used to be smart, I swear I will start acting like it again.

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