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Joined a gym, Need to clear my head

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Ugh. I thought moving out of my parent's place and getting out on my own would make camming full-time easier. Between power outages, delays in Internet service/repair and the "beta get another job" version of NiteFlirt, I need to start making money again. To make it all worse, I've started *sorta* dating a guy who totally hates the idea of me doing any type of adult entertainment work. Meanwhile, where's that nice dinner date he promised me on payday weekend? Hmmm. I know he's got responsibilities (a kid, two jobs, etc.) but I try not to make promises I can't least he won't let/make me pay for anything.

NiteFlirt picked up enough for me right before I moved that I totally lost my tolerance for free chat on I can't afford to get cocky; I'm a BBW and no reputable club in this area will hire me to dance for them.

But I joined this forum and got into phone sex/webcam because I'm interested in becoming a stripper. I ordered stripper shoes in my size *ages* ago, right before I came down with mono and became too sick/broke/depressed to do jack squat. So I will break in my stripper shoes around the apartment, find a slow day shift to work when there's virtually no one around (to get used to the stage/pole/dancing, etc.), and visit the gym I joined today *daily*. I've set a goal for myself a little over 7 weeks from now to go and do an amateur competition at a local strip club w/a prize of $500. If I do not win, I am damn determined to get offered a job.

In the meantime, I've got an interview for a seasonal retail gig and I got hired by a well-reputed dispatch phone sex company. (They pay base pay for login time, not just talk time, for the first two weeks and they train...should be cool. Everything helps at this point.)

I need to get my ass back into a routine. That's one advantage to having other jobs...they expect you to be there at certain times, and you *have to* plan around that.

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  1. vivianbear's Avatar
    Lolz at "'beta get another job' version of NiteFlirt"! Girl, you have really persevered for a while now. This is just a crappy, rough patch with camming. Just keep plugging away and it'll get better by winter. Have you thought of building up a solo page/site to sort of steer your fanbase to? Its a good spot to post PTV buttons and blog where your NF page is more limited.

    Good for you on joining a gym. Yoga and pilates a few times a week never hurt anyone. I need to get back into it myself.

    Please don't let your new dude get you down. Tell him he has unrealistic expectations and you're doing fine on your own. Really, it can only go up from here.

    - Luv, Vivian
  2. AngelWithHorns's Avatar
    Thank you!