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24 hours

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After reading an excessive amount of time-management articles championing the virtues of fixed-schedule planning and being curious about polyphasic sleep, I've decided to purposely stay up for all 24 hours of this Sunday. Maybe I'll put a dent in my list-o-stuff I've been putting off w/o the excuse of "I'm busy". If all goes well, I might actually start trying an Everyman sleep schedule. Or I could fall asleep meditating...who knows.

I'm ready for New Year's already. It's so much easier to start new goals and stay motivated when everyone else around you is in the same boat. It's a whole new year, a totally fresh start. When I was little and my family and I would stay up till midnight, it was the running joke all day. "I haven't slept all year" or "I haven't eaten all year", etc.

Also, since I'm currently a BBW, I'm thinking about making a bunch of "feeding" videos, wet and messy stuff, and basically just trying to produce a shit ton of content aimed at Fat Admirers. I might as well capitalize on what I've got. Also, I think I should buckle down and hone my hypnosis skills so that I feel comfortable offering them up for sale. I've got a second NF account that I want to turn into totally passive income. Hello, recorded listings!

So yeah. 1) Take pic/vid of myself eating and 2)learn hypnosis. I have such fun to-do lists, lol.

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