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Applying for new job, what should I put on my resume?

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I am applying for a advertising position for a casino. I have a web background and bachelor's degree in multimedia web design. However, I have little experience in that field since I've been dancing since I graduated. The money was just way better than an entry level job. Anyway, I've been out of college for 4 years, and want to apply for this advertising position. I know I probably shouldn't put I was a dancer, and I don't want to lie on my resume saying I worked elsewhere. Human resources would probably find out. I could say I was self employed doing web design but then they would ask more questions and need client reference. If I said I was I house wife/baby sitter etc. they probably wouldn't even qualify me. I'm not sure what I should do, I have the skills and and even though I haven't worked in the web/advertising industry for all the years, I took little jobs here and there and read up/practiced still. I don't want to put those little jobs on my resume because it shows that I was only there for a short period of time and I may be considered unreliable. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you guys!

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  1. Sloan1212's Avatar
    I have been in the position of reading resumes from folks like you. I would not have been able to hire you and the only reason would have been the possible sexual accusations from your coworkers. If they learned what you had been doing the our company would not want to deal with all the trumped up entanglements that could evolve.
    I worked in a very conservative and narrow minded company. A casino should be much more open to considering a dancer as an employee. You have been a seller of fantasy and entertainment. That is what a casino does also. You have been outgoing and had good business sense. You l were probably a contractor which means you were indeed self employed.
    You know the underbelly of human behavior and you can deal with it profitably.
    You could be open or say you worked there in the accounting office. Former employers don't say much if anything at all.
    If you know who would be talking to another employer who called checking on you, you could give them a couple hundred and tell them what you want them to say.
    Just suggestions.