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Hef Accused of Blocking Playboy Sale

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So here we have Hef 82 years old, still trying to control Playboy. Well the facts are simple, Hef is majority stock holder, the founder of Playboy, and old.

Hef is accused of blocking two sales attempts of Playboy Inc. The straw that broke the camels back in both deals was dealing with Hef who wants to still live in the Mansion and have the Magazine still taking care of the expenses. What that means is Hef does not want to give up the life style he is use to living. Hef is an Iconic figure and the face of Playboy Inc. The problem is Hef is old and for many buyers its not something they are willing to invest in if Hef comes with the deal.

New blood needs to be injected into Playboy, and Hef is standing in the way from what I am being told. To have a young Playboy as the new face would inject new energy and life into a dieing company.

Look back to the life style Hef lead as Playboy CEO. Jet setting from coast to coast, surrounded by women 24/7, parties every night, what a life that every man dreams of living.

Now look at Hef today. Well to put it simply he is old. Hef cannot hang with the young guys for a night out on the town. To bring forward a new Playboy male would spin the company in a new direction. To bring in someone who was in his early 30s and able to bring back the 18 to 30 market that has left Playboy would make a major difference for this company.

Don't think for a minute I hate Hef, Wrong! I think Hef is a great guy who has really changed the way Americans thought about sex. Hef also supported freedom of speech over the years with his many court battles. Yet as we all know his time has come and gone.

Here are two articles about the lawsuit against Hef.

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  1. TissyLondon's Avatar
    Hef is an old chap who has enjoyed his whole life in a mansion, why don't you stop thinking about the issue and have some fun from here