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Well, it's been fun anyway...

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I'm not 100% certain that I want to hang up my hat (or cam, as the case would actually be) but I'm about 99% sure of it. It's been educational, and fun, and with the exception of the huge damn burp-up that was the Niteflirt crash of '09, it was very profitable. But I'm tired enough of what I've been doing to set it aside, at least for a while.

I started Niteflirt over two years ago, thinking that I'd do phone sex until I could buy a cam. Ultimately, I wanted to drop some weight (I'm one of what I highly suspect is a very few fat chicks here on SW) and someday start dancing, if just for the experience. With the exception of a single digit number of failed experiments, this never happened. (well, I was working out and losing weight at one point, but I fell off the treadmill and injured myself, derailing my ability to work out long enough that I got fat and lazy all over again).

But my urge to move on comes partly from a renewed faith in myself. Yes, I can make money doing this and it's awesome, but contrary to how I've felt at some points in the past few years, it isn't all I can do. If I haven't learned how to go out in the world and hustle a bit better than I used to know how, I will feel like I've disappointed every woman here on SW and EDN. I feel like I've learned more than sales; I've also learned more about psychology, seduction, confidence, and being empowered, for which I am extremely grateful.

So the end of the summer (the official end of the summer; as the first day of fall is 9/22 this year) is when I'm aiming to have transitioned out of phone sex/webcam. I'm gonna go get a regular job and say goodbye to my regulars and someday soon when I start up my computer, it will only be for my personal entertainment/educational purposes.

No more stressing over html or copy for listings, no more blogs/tweets/posts of any sort just to support and advertise my services. No more sleep being interrupted by phone calls just because I want some more cash. I'll never 100% give up the self-autonomy I've found from being self-employed, I'm just going to apply myself somewhere else for a while.

Who knows, maybe I'll get back into the industry someday when I can list myself as "Mature". Or as a MILF!

Thanks for being so friendly, Stripperwebbers!

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