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False Starts!

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So, after getting myself all worked up, motivated, and deciding that I would be working 2-3 days a week no matter what.....I got sick. Full blown, pounding head, stuffy nose, can't breathe, lost voice, dizzy, fever, the whole works!!! I did manage to work the weekend that I first posted, but then got so sick that I was curled up in bed and didn't even touch my computer!

So here goes round two...

Tonight I'll be working my only shift this week. Factors in my favor for a good night:
- Its been a while, so I am desperate for money
- Its been a while, so I am not feeling drained, exhausted and bitter
- Its a hockey game tonight
- Its a fight tonight (I think)
- Its supposed to be the anniversary of the Olympic gold medal game party tonight
- I just got my nails done

Factors against me having a good night:
- I'm on my period (bloating, bad skin, and just generally not feeling sexy)
- Its the end of the month (rent is due!)
- I'm feeling kinda chubby post-illness (too much comfort food and take-out thai food because I didn't want to cook..)
- Its February, which is usually a crappy month
- Its the end of the month and so lots of girls will be working trying to make rent

My head is in kind of a neutral zone...I'm not feeling like I have to drag myself in, but I'm not really feeling like I'm in the zone either...

The big thing that I am wondering about is that today it really started snowing. Now I know that some of you girls are currently struggling through huge, heavy snowfall, but I live in Vancouver. We don't get snow. In fact, this is the second time that it has snowed this WINTER. Roads are closed, the shop has been absolutely dead quiet, and it looks like the street party ain't gonna happen. So here's my thinking...
I love snow. It puts me in a really good mood, and I feel all magical and pretty. I also love it when the club is fairly quiet. I feel like I can pace myself, the energy is better. If the snow DOES keep people away, I may even have a better night, because the looky-loos will be put off by the weather, but the serious ones will still be there. I will be able to hustle better because I am more comfortable when it isn't absolutely packed. So its looking like it might be a good night!

Either that, or it'll be completely dead, and I won't make a red cent.

One way to find out!! I'm looking to earn around $400 tonight - I could do with $600 to make up for some of my time off being sick. The bare minimum I need is $200 (and in my club, in February, leaving with less than $200 is, sadly, possible).

This time, I will be logging back in tonight when I get home, and telling you all how my night went...fingers crossed!!

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