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First Post!

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Decided to start blogging about my work as a way of keeping track of how I feel, what I wear, what I do, etc while I'm working...I'm hoping that by keeping track, I can look back over my higher earning periods and figure out how to replicate them. I want to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what has no impact, and of course, share it with you girls so that you can add to it with your own experiences, or even take something from it! (Possibly?) Its also going to be useful for the book that I have been writing for a long time, and have yet to finish...

Therefore, I want to be covering not just stripping, but also setting myself up on alt porn sites, a little general modeling, as well as all the related health and body stuff, clothing, etc etc.

I'm going to finish off my little intro with a bit of background on where I am right now (if you already know me, feel free to ignore!) I'm working 2-3 nights a week at a club in Vancouver, trying to lose about 10lbs (aren't we all?) pretty heavily modified (and growing) and just starting to apply to various altporn sites....When I figure out something specific to talk about, or before my next night at work, I can get the actual fun stuff started by talking about the night! Fingers crossed that someone out there finds it funny, useful, or just interesting!


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  1. Grac's Avatar
    Congratulations on your first post; I look forward to reading your book!

    Good luck!
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