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A Slooooow Night

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So I went in on Saturday night, and it was an AWFUL night. Recently, Saturday nights have been almost not worth going in for me!!

Its not that its been a bad vibe, necessarily, but its been very, very, slow, and not many guys buying dances. Maybe one of the fifteen girls that were there left with any kind of money, which is just a bad sign. I personally left with the bare minimum that I was willing to accept. This is NOT good enough. So here is what I think went wrong:

- The weather. It was horrible blizzard conditions outside, so although guys were coming in, they were settling in. In an hour and a half, no one left, and and no one entered.
- The type of clientele. Saturdays, especially game nights, seem to be a lot of young guys who drink cheap beer and don't spend money.
- My head space. Having been off for a week, and not wanting to tramp out in the snow meant a slow start for me to warm up into my game.
- The time of month - this was the last Saturday before rent was due, so we had about 50% more girls that usual because everyone was trying to make rent.

This is what I am going to try to do about this:
- There is absolutely nothing I can do about the weather, but I think that I WILL pay more attention to the weather reports, and if a big blizzard or thunderstorm is predicted, I'll up my targets and maybe work an extra day in the week leading up to this, so that it balances out.
- I'm going to try a Tuesday this week, and see if maybe its the kind of clientele that works for me better. Its slower, but I'm a talker when I sell, so that may work in my favor.
- I'm going to have to get into a routine (just a half hour) with some focused breathing and maybe a trigger song to get me in the mood so I need less of a warm up time. I also definitely need to be going in more!
- I'm going to try to be in more days per week at the beginning of the month, so that when all the girls are in at the end, it won't matter so much to me.

So there's my plan for the next week...I'm aiming to make around $1000 next week working three days..lets see how I do!

Comments are always welcome!

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  1. The Contessa's Avatar
    I liked how you pulled it all apart and looked at what YOU could do. I think you've given yourself very sound advice! Go for it, I'm confident that you'll reach your 1000$ goal.
  2. allison9990's Avatar
    Im a web cam model and make about 1100 in two days only because i win a 400 dollar bonus. How much money do you usually make stripping in a day if you dont mind me asking? Ive always wanted too just didnt know the money difference. Btw how did you working tuesday go?
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  4. PhxRising's Avatar
    I agree. Saturday nights tend to be lame, as there are usually a lot of girls and a lot of cheap asses. Though sometimes I do work these nights if I have hours to make up. This was a old post but I hope whatever routine you have right now is working for you.
  5. teamxxxodotcom's Avatar
    yer I think its time u consider camming suga, check out you'll defo earn more than dancing plus you can pick n choose when you wish to work.... either way I wish you gudluck xx
  6.'s Avatar
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