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I'm baaaack!

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Oops! Its been a while! So here's the update...I made the switch to camming! After another couple months of dismal earnings (and for every girl!) I decided to throw in the towel on the Vancouver strip scene, and start working from home. It took a little while to actually get going with it, but now I am up and running.

So far, the hardest part is actually WORKING from home...not lazing about thinking about how I'm going to work...but anyone who works from home in any capacity can tell you that!

The reason to start to blog again is to create a little accountability for myself, but also because I want to start dabbling in all the sites, playing with what works, and what doesnt, and sharing my experiences, so anyone else who decides to can share theirs,and we can all figure out which sites work best in combination.

Anyway - speaking of getting my ass in gear and actually WORKING - I am going to log on in two minutes...wish me luck!

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