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Technical Difficulties

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So today, I started all smiles and rainbows.....and I ended up feeling like Eeyore. (For those missing a childhood...the donkey with the tail pinned on who had his own personal raincloud.)

I've been having a little trouble with SM and my feed lagging, but I thought it might be site issues, so I ignored it. Note to medical issues, never ignore something and hope it will go away on its own. You will end up with a technological tumor and all your computers hair will fall out. (or something)

Its not the site. Its my stupid, luddite-esq mistake. When I initially signed up, I was checking my download and upload speeds. Obviously, I thought that I had a decent connection, and everything seemed fine. So this was the LAST thing that I thought would be causing the problem. But, in the interests of being thorough, I decided to do some double checking. Turns out, that the me before-cam (whose knowledge of computers extended to "gee, this one looks good next to this candlestick!") didn't realize that there was a difference between Mbps and Kbps. You'd think that the different first letter would have tipped me off. turns out that my upload speed is appalling. And despite the fact that I have been camming for months and not having too much of a problem, now that I am aware of it, customers keep bringing it up, and it seems obvious to me that it is causing a problem. I talked to my provider, and am now being bumped up a couple levels free of charge (hint: talk to the "loyalty team"), but it will take about a week for the new modem to get to me. So rather than spending 8 hours on cam, I spent 1 hour on cam, 1 hour on the phone, 2 hours at the gym, and 4 hours signing up for other sites, in an attempt to not waste the day.

What can I say?

I made a mistake.
I realized my mistake.
I took steps to fix my mistake.
I used my time productively. (and proactively)

Now - I have hardwired my computer, I have learned a LOT, I will have much better speeds and capabilities, and multiple sites available to allow me to splitcam. As well as the ability to keep things like NiteFlirt "on" in the background just in case a call comes through (every little helps, right?).

I would have preferred to work all day, make my money, and feel like I achieved what I set out to. I am still disappointed at the way the day turned out. I would never usually consider taking 8 hours for admin and gym time, or being happy about it.

But y'know? There is a net positive going on here. I didn't give up. I didn't waste the day watching Star Trek. I didn't ignore the problem any longer.

And the last thing I keep thinking? I have been dealing with a crappy, lagging stream for all these months. I have still been making $20-40 an hour. Just IMAGINE what I will be earning when I actually have a functional feed.

I may be Eeyore at the end of the day today. I may be under my own little black raincloud.
But I'm thinking of how much more I'll earn now I've fixed this problem AND set up to splitcam.
Eeyore be DANCIN' in that rain!

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