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Lisa Ling - The Secret World of Amateur Porn

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There has been a lot of talk recently about this episode of "Our America", which was then turned into a Dr Phil special. I have not seen the Dr Phil (it seems to be impossible to find online!) but you can watch the Lisa Ling through the Our America website.

I actually wrote a big post in one of the threads about my opinions on the show....aaaand my browser crashed and I hadn't saved it. Le sigh.

Seeing as I have a lot to say, I figured that the blog would be a little more appropriate a spot for my random blabberings anyway!

So - all in all? Not bad. I actually thought that despite the clear attempts at a very dark and ominous undertone, the industry was presented well. The people that were shown looked pretty darn average for the industry - no uber-porn-stars here! I was also thrilled to see that the amounts they quoted for earnings were reasonable. *phew
No fear of the industry being overwhelmed by people thinking that it is easy to earn thousands every week!

Cierra's segment was interesting - and I really feel like they were digging for a way to make it look like she had problems...for example - doing a big production number over her "cocktail", as though she was clearly developing a drinking problem. As if the majority of country-club-wives don't have a drink in the afternoon. Sheesh! I think that the situation with her daughter was given similar treatment. Of course, the first time you tell your daughter it is going to be a shock, and they will probably react a little badly. Sadly, that is because porn is still viewed as dirty and wrong. But most people will get over it, and re-build a relationship - and this is what she said she hoped would happen. Not really a big deal.....

As for the young couple who were camming to build a better life for themselves and their child....I just can't find anything wrong with this one!! I think that the least time was spent on them because of this - they were in a bad spot, financially, and are now in a comfortable spot. Big whoop. I did find it highly amusing how they made a big deal of the statement that they really didn't have much sex outside of work...well, YEAH! Lol. Jeez - if they are working 5 nights a week, and having sex on and off for, say, 3-4 hours a night...what more sex do you want them to have? And when?? They are still having a helluva lot of sex, and they seem pretty happy to me...

And now we come to the third and final couple. Now, these two, I felt very, very sorry for. It was a sad situation, a sad relationship, and one that was finally, hopefully improving. What I did NOT feel, was that this had anything to do with camming specifically. To me, this had to do with abuse and addiction. You could have replaced "camming" with basically any other behavior that can be addictive, and you would have the same story. If she had turned to drugs because of her history of abuse, and then dragged her partner into it, the story would play out the same way. This is a sad story that really doesn't have much to do with the industry, and everything to do with a bad situation.

And for the record, I think that anyone with half a brain is aware that they are probably being recorded - christ - it says in the streamate contract that we are being recorded for advertising purposes!! So their "shock" at finding themselves on a different site doesn't strike me as a cautionary tale about working in the sex industry, it strikes me as a cautionary tale about being stupid.

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