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What a difference a modem makes! (and a little NF)

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So...after my technical difficulties that basically made last week a non-earning week (booooo) I got my internet upgraded a few steps...and.....BAM!

Suddenly this is waaaay easier - people are actually sticking around in my room (rather than just popping in and out) so I can have actual conversations, rather than just saying "hi big cock 4 u.....hi timmy...hi monster cock...hi...." life is not just easier, but more FUN. Aaaaaaahhhh.

My room is livelier, and stays fuller - thank god! I'm also getting way more privates...and the guys who have taken me private before the upgrade are ecstatic!

I even had enough guys in to try a gold show - gold show fail...(made $30 of the $200 I had asked) but I made SOMETHING....even if I obviously didn't keep it cuz I'm not doing a show for $30. I have hope!!!

Today, and yesterday, I ended up averaging $25 an I'm still going to try to get at least one other site set up to split cam, but my goals are looking reasonable. I am not yet done for the evening, and I am juuuuust under the halfway point for my weekly goal. I have a few more hours tonight (well, lets be honest here, maybe 2 more and then another 6 or so that reckoning, I should just squeeze it in.

A note on splitcamming.....I have decided to try out a different site each week to splitcam...I don't know if my computer will be able to handle it, so to start with, I decided to play with a couple that are not free chat-based. This week? NiteFlirt.

Now, I've heard good things (and bad, but still). The reason I started with this one is so that I can log in on my laptop to take calls (no cam) and it would not impact my focus on my SM chatroom OR my internet speeds. I have had NF on for two days. I have had 0 calls.

Lets repeat that. I have been logged in as taking calls for TWO DAYS - not including sleepy time, I was logged in for around 20 hours, and have not heard a peep.

I'm guessing that NF is a good idea if you have a site and are diverting traffic to it for the purposes of offering phone sex from an indy site, and because of that, I will keep my account so that I can do that when my site is up and running. But as a means to GET customers or earn a living? HA! Not. A. Chance.

But the crickets chirping on NF aside....I feel awesome! I actually WANT to stick it out another hour...or two...or three! I can see my money going up at a steady rate, and I can see my hourly average working. Fan. Fucking. Tastic.

Right - back on for a little while....I want to get that goal within reach!

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