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Will I EVER work 20hours in a week?

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Today, I discovered a problem. I'm sure that I can eventually overcome it, but I think that I may have to re-figure my goals somewhat, or get REALLY into time management.

My current goal has been to make $20-25 an hour (very reasonable for where I am right now) and work 20hours a week (which I assumed was also reasonable). Apparently, I was wrong. I am struggling to get over ten hours!

I can plan 20 hours in - not incredibly easily, but easily enough. It should be do-able. For some reason, it just isn't.

Today is a perfect example. I had planned to work 6-8 hours today, and I ended up with 4. A measly four hours. The real kicker? I was "working" for the past seven!! Its just that, well, I took an hour (ish) for lunch. And then, an hour (ish) for dinner. I was hungry! So that leaves 5 hours. Take out the three fifteen minute breaks for laundry (put in, move over, take out) and a few bathroom breaks, and you have a grand total of four hours.

So it makes sense that my 20hours is turning into 10, if I am spending half of my time eating and running errands. But what to do about that? Don't do laundry? Don't EAT? (I refuse to eat pre-packaged gunk, so it takes a decent amount of time to actually cook from scratch and eat without swallowing my food whole like a python...).

Get up earlier? Well, that would be lovely....if I wasn't waiting till my boyfriend went to work (he has to use the computer in the mornings for HIS other work). So scratch that.

Stay up later? Same issue, really. I just don't cam with him in the house - it makes me feel all weird, and then that comes across in my work.

There seem to be three options.

1. Really focus on splitcamming so I can earn more money in less time - hit target in the 10 hours I can easily do.

2. Make sure that every second counts. Remember when I worked a vanilla job? Me neither (its been seven years!) but I'm pretty sure that I used to go in at eight, finish at five, and take ONE hour break in the middle. If I did it before, I should be able to do it again!

3. Lower my goals, and take longer to pay off the things I need to.

Well - lets give it all a try!!

The rest of this week, I would need to get in another 16hours. I have one full day, and two evenings to do hours, and then two evenings of 4. Tomorrow, we shall see if I can be totally, unequivocally focused on getting my hours IN.

Next week - I need to do some more splitcamming! I got set up to do some, and then got so discouraged (thanks, NF) that I stopped. Bad camgirl.

And finally, if neither really work, and by the end of this month if I am STILL not hitting target...its time to lower the target.

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