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My first audition

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My first audition was in March of 1982 at a club called the Pink Poodle in San Jose, CA. There were no lap dances then. We entered the stage through heavy velvet like curtains that were a reddish burgundy. Behind the curtains was the dressing room. The dressing room has a rolling rack of costumes that were hanging on hangers. I thought that they were provided by the club for the dancers to use while doing stage acts. WRONG! The dancers thought I was funny. An older dancer by the name of Diana, referred to me as being "green". That meant total amateur, virgin, baby stripper. I also remember her as giving her age as 28. This scared the hell out of me. I was 23. She looked 40-something. Was I going to look like that at 28?? (I was so "green" that I was gullible and believed everything people told me. Smart, right?)

The two songs I choose (we did two song sets) was (I was so edgy, lol. For the early 80's.), was "New Toy" by Nena Haggen and "Sex Dwarf" by Soft Cell.

I was nervous. I bounced around and on my second song, I perched myself on the old, neutral colored chair, put my legs up in the air and proceeded to pull my panties off. The audience clapped and approved of my "bush". I was really embarrassed. I was offered a job and I declined.

I came back less than 3 weeks later.

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  1. Alys Butterfly's Avatar
    Wow, I bet things were crazy different back then!
  2. Alys Butterfly's Avatar
    No it seems that most women shave, and I don't understand what's wrong with a natural bush.