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I Know I've Been MIA:-(

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I cant' believe it's been a month since I've posted, but it has been. My energy was completely centered on a recital given by the dance studio that I work out in. I'm in an advanced pole class. Our choreographer/ instructor is a well known acrobat in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. I was very honored to be chosen by her to be in her routine. Everybody wanted to work with her. She had nearly 16 dancers at first. Then she started asking if they could do certain core moves like an aerial shoulder mount. A few of them said they almost had it. This was back in late January/early February. One other dancer and myself were the only ones. Fast forward to the middle of March...we were still the only ones. The body count of dancers then went to 10. We had to rework the choreography more than once and 4 hours before performance, me and the other aerial dancer got new choreography! It was nerve racking, but a lot of fun. People paid $20 a ticket to see us and we sold out our first show within a week. We did two shows that day.

The dynamic of doing a team performance is so different than performing in a club. People get so exited by the acrobatics of it all! And you don't have to hustle and talk to them:-) Women are totally cheering you on as well. Oh and how can I forget: I performed without heels, not only without heels but without SHOES!! I have never never ever pole danced without heels. Hell! I prefer boots over heels! I relied on boots. But this was the best thing that has happened to my dancing. (I actually wore these sort of sticky, shiny leg warmers that protected my ankles from bruising and helped with my grip a little). The benefits from training the last 6 weeks without heels are 1.) my posture is better, I saw from photos I can still look tallish (I'm so not) without heels, 2.) I am now confident in my muscles holding me up and not my boot heels, 3.) I realized I was doing some stupidly dangerous dismounts relying on my boots like I was and 4.) my inverts and iguana lifts are now done with my core and hip flexors, not by jumping/kicking up. I have become a stronger dancer.

So, all the above is why I havent' written lately. I'll get off my feet and sit on my ass so I can catch up!

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