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Playing Russian Roulette

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I want bigger tits, dammit. I have no valid reason other than greed and vanity. I'm just scared of complications this time around. I was scared shitless the first time. I feel like if I get a revision for no other reason than vanity I'm just tempting fate. It's not high on my list of priorities obviously. But sometime here in the next few months I do need to give it some thought,

It's just my tits feel so damn small. I can see my feet and I have little feet.

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  1. lovelife777's Avatar
    I would like bigger titts and bigger butt. Do you have any info on where to go? live in nyc
  2. CamGirlJessie's Avatar
    McDonalds lol
  3. xseline's Avatar
    Haha you are hilarious

    I actually have the opposite problem, I always liked really big boobs and now I find mine a bit too big. Downsized once and still would like another downsize but I am going to think about it a bit longer... Too much surgeries can be dangerous, and in my opinion it's better to find them a bit too small than a bit too big because you can always wear a push-up bra.
  4. militarywife's Avatar
    I have implants and they worked out great, you just have to do a lot of research and don't go cheap.
  5. BayouBill's Avatar
    Please don't get a boob job. Lots of guys prefer small breasts and it is really the nipples that are the most exciting. If you're in good shape the boob size does not matter!
  6. petersurrey's Avatar
    Hi! If you are not satisfied with small tits, why don't you hire an escort with big tits and ask their experience? I may suggest you an agency who have variety of escorts with small and large boobs, prefer according to you choice from here