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Very quiet day

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I danced like 3 dances during the entire shift, haha. Customers just checked who's at our place and went to the next. It's like that when there are several places near to each other. (Probably also some customers checked some other place and came to ours.) Obviously money-wise it was a shitty day but I'm almost positive that tomorrow will be better.

And what about this: one guy walked in and said "can I have sex". A weird way to say good evening, huh? That has to be the ultimate of lowlife, below all bioplasm.

I wish my boyfriend would open his ears when I'm talking to him. Several times I've told about some particular thing over and over again to make sure he hears it but he's still like "why didn't you tell it earlier" when I yell at him for not doing what I've asked or whatnot.

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