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Making progress

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I'm loving this camgirl business. Even though I don't have much right now. I only have 35 followers on twitter, about 100 viewers avg on chaturbate, I only make about $20 a day BUT I am enjoying it. And I will be dedicating more of my time to it soon.

My boyfriend knows, btw. He is supportive of it, but thinks of it as just a "hobby" right now. I'm trying to explain the equation of it all, and if I just dedicate time to it, I can make a lot more. So he suggested I take a small vacation from my day job (Where I make about $80 a day) and see if I can make more. I might just do that.

Links and stuff:
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  1. Rispy_Girl's Avatar
    Sounds like a great plan, but wait until summer is over. It's slow right now.