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MFC Camscore???

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So what effects your camscore more - time spent online, or tips in that time?

What effects Miss Myfreecams ranking? Time or tips?

I'm trying to figure it out. I don't think I'm a "new" model anymore, so I need to adjust. I have adjusted my tipping games and goals, so I am getting more money. But my camscore doesn't even budge more than 5 points. My ranking is going up though. I'm currently #4901. So I am thinking that has to do with time spent on cam.

Does anyone else have any idea? I'm so new to this whole ranking thing DX

BTW Kati3kat WOW. She had cum deny set to like 6869 tokens, and save set to 7070 tokens. DENIED 6 TIMES. She doesn't have to cam for the rest of the month and she'll still be #1. FUCK.

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  1. jayk9801's Avatar
    Both. It really is a ratio of how much you've spent and how much tips you've earned while you are online (streaming). If you aren't doing so well in the first 2-3 hours, you should call it a day and get back on later. Because, it'll hurt your cam score, if you aren't making money while streaming.