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Lush, first day

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I got it in the mail today! Only took two days to ship from canada to Nevada, which is CRAZY! But it's super good, clean, waterproof. The app is a bit wonky with connecting, but I got the hang of it after like twenty minutes. I was only on for an hour, but I made about $25! That's pretty good in my book.

My new computer isn't as great as I thought it would be. The coonnection is so weird, and it'll blue screen sometimes...... I am wonderring if I should turn it in or not. I have two weeks to decide I think.

Otherwise, camming is going great! Made almost $100 yesterday alone. With the lush toy, I'm gonna be making that every day easy now!

If I have the time. This day job is making that tough :/ I wish I could just quit working there and do camming full time. But to do that, I need content that will sell when I'm offline. Need to work on that.....

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    Download happy glass 2.0