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Summer/Winter Hustler's Challenge 2017 | I Am In !!

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The next 6 months is going to be wild.
With everything going i need to make some huge changes so I am going to be documenting my journey.

New journey update post will be here or on my youtube channel
July depending on the numbers I will be setting up one of my blogs. The domain name is already purchased I just need to pick a hosting company to keep the blog running.

Got a little inspired from a coaching session I had last night. and also from attending a social mixer.

Quote Originally Posted by minniesoporno View Post

Your High Goal:

$250/Day, $1,500 a week ($39,000 6 months)

Your Minimum Goal:
$150/Day, $900 a week ($23,400 6 months)

Day You Will Start:
June 22, 2017

Date of Completion:
December 22, 2017

Your Completion Reward:
Attend a company event in August 11 to 13, 2017
Attend industry conferences in January not all dates are posted for these events. should be after August
Build up my camera gear - (starting with the mirrorless cameras, and then a DSLR and then a GoPro)
Save to buy my first MacBook
Repaint my apartment and refurnish my living room. I took a hit lost all my furniture this year.
$1,000 in emergency fund will be starting the Dave Ramsey program Financial Peace University.
Debt Paid off or as much of it as possible.
Also set up my blogs on a hosted service.

My numbers will change with the USD to CAD exchange rate.
These numbers do not include my affiliate commissions that will come in over the 6 months.
I will be working 6 days a week minimum
I definitely need one day of rest. I might even take a half day of rest. Just so I can stay on a steady pace of reaching my income goal.
I have it set to work 10am to 1am minimum no late then 3am. I've figured if the local sex club opens from 11am to 3am so can I

Progress updates will be on my youtube channel and also on the internal stripperweb blog

Uploading on my youtube channel I also to get knock out my video challenge.

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