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Men are so desperate and weird XD

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Some lonely man 6 years ago took the time to write this out and actually believed it to be true!! I'm laughing so hard. Do you think he's ever had a girlfriend that actually stuck around?

Lately camming has been good. I figured out how to improve my camscore on MFC, and have slowly been working on it. I just have to keep a close eye on what I make everyday compared to my past 60 days, and make sure it's steadily increasing. My rank has been shooting up lately, but that's because I've been spending a LOT more time online. Even if I don't get tips, I stay online, because it counts. Time counts. The more you're online, the more your rank goes up. I didn't realize that until this past week. So far I've logged about 40 hours in the past two weeks, which doesn't seem like much, but with another full time job, it feels like I never sleep XD Oh well, I'm 25. I don't need sleep. I need to get my shit together with finances and stuff.

Another thing I've been working on is patience. Now that I know that my time is actually worth it, my patience has gotten a lot better! I talk with people even if they don't tip. I keep the conversation going. I make sure they get to know me a bit better. I'm still not really selling any outside stuff, like vids or snapchat, but I'm starting to gain more "followers" I guess. People that will maybe return at least once? It's a start. I like making a connection with these guys and am enjoying my time more now.

This is gonna be awkard to type out, but I wanna log it somewhere. I have started anal stuff. I can now fit my dildo! So now that's also going to draw more customers in, because it seems to me that that's all they want. Or skype.

FUCKING SKYPE. I hate that every single non tipping male asks for skype. I've turned off my PM's and ask them to pay for it. BECAUSE HOLY SHIT. I got soooo tired of people wasting my time, saying hi, you're beautiful, you're amazing, you're wonderful, oh do you fuck your boyfriend on skype btw? I'd love to see you get fuck or put something in your butt or dress up in tights and heels. No. nononononono. They have to pay now. I am learning to be more heavy handed with them having to pay for services or GTFO. I don't have time for that shiz!

This is a longer journal entry, and I appreciate if anyone's read it.

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  1. Usreview's Avatar
    Lol this awesome hehehe

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