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Become a Perth Stripper Part 2

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Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world (second only behind Antarctica haha) so it is quite often that niche communities like the Stripper industry is often left in the dark.
When i first got involved in this industry i was 21 years old, had no real clue where to start, what the rules were and really how to go about this whole thing. I first started as a topless waitress Perth for a agency that is still today called Bad Bunny, they were really good to me and kind of let me into the industry slowly so i didnt have any crazy traumatic experience like i have heard from some girls. Hahah legit some of the stories i have girls on the their first ever job, i dont know how they dont have social anixity.

The cons about working in this industry in a small city like Perth is there isn't a huge amount of competition. Unlike the east coast where there are wayyyy more girls, thus the rates agency take are much higher or the price for work much lower.

This positive is also a negative, due to there not being as much comp there is barley anyone to learn from, you just have to hope you get lucky and meet the right girl or get in with a good agency.

Keep posted for part 3 where i go into more depth about my personal story.

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