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My Financial Journey Starts Now.

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This is from the thread How Not to Go Broke As A Cammodel/Sex Worker: A Mini Guide

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Budget: Figure out the payment schedule for each site, and aim to make all bills the first 2-3 weeks of each month. By week 4, you should have already secured your earnings and can relax knowing you'll have rent on time by the 1st or 15th. Don't forget to pay yourself, pay your taxes, invest, and save for a rainy day. Your future self will thank you. Financial 'fee'dom!

My budget: I include everything as per my adviser. Please feel free to use it as a base for your own.

If you have $1,800 due in bills, working 5 days a week with a minimum goal of $120 per day, you will have made $1,800 by the 23rd of every month. This will leave you with 2 days off per week, and an extra week off at the end of the month should you choose. $120 a day is doable for everyone if you know how to hustle, and all of your money should be in your account well before the 1st. Also, there's always dailypay.

But bb, iz slowwwww out hurrrr. It's not slow everywhere! If you have the internet and a phone, you can work.

Just. Hustle.: Just do it. It's as simple as that. Log the fuck in, and sit there until you make it. Period. If you're logged into a ton of eggs at once, you will get there. Should you fall behind, camathons, and the 30 day challenge will get you back on track.

Work multiple eggs| Texting$0.17-1.20+) Arousr, Talktome, Chatfunn, dreamlover, sext panther, independent texting, adultwork, phrendly.
Phone Sex: ($0.35-$2.99+) Arousr, talktome, chatfunn, phrendly, adultphonepal, niteflirt, dispatch, direct dial, independent calls, adultwork, etc.

Work smarter, not harder: You can most certainly make as much money phone boning and sexting as you make on cam. If you need time off, just switch it up. I and plenty of bbs have made their daily goals just logging into phone sex and texting sites. Sometimes you just don't feel like camming or you're burnt out which is understandable. Log into 3 texting sites and 3 PSO sites simultaneously and watch the money pile up running errands or lying around the house. It takes very little effort.

Cam: ($1-infinity) Arousr, talktome, chatfunn, niteflirt, streammate, cams, chaturbate, mfc, imlive, adultwork, independent skype shows, cammodeldirectory, skyprivate, etc.

Other: Pic sets ($1+ per pic), affiliate marketing, custom videos ($100+ a pop and can be resold), extralunchmoney, manyvids, clipvia(sp), clips4sale, ebanned, etc. Stripping, bodyrubs, escorting, domination/bdsm, nude modeling, custom audio, custom stories/erotica, panties, socks, used clothing, etc.

Most sites pay weekly. Working several of these sites a few times a week will land you a deposit or a check on several days of the week. Tuesdays(Arsr), Weds (TTM) Friday (SM) Sunday (CMD) with many on dailypay or sent the following day directly to your paxum or first choice debit card.

You can pay your bills on time! You can prevent shut offs, disconnections, and evictions from happening. All that is missing is you. JackAlexander says "Work is like an ATM. You show up, and it spits out cash." Her grandmother says, if you have tits and ass, you shouldn't be broke. It's an every day struggle, but you can do it! You chose to work from home instead of getting a civilian job, so only you can force yourself to show up. Work is like a scratch card. You've already invested, scratch it/show up and you're going to get something, even if it's just $1.

You can have everything you want in this life and are blessed to be able to work from anywhere in the world with a phone and or internet connection. If you don't work, you don't get paid, and that internet/phone will get disconnected causing you to lose your ability to work. Been there, done that, it sucks. Don't let that happen!

ETA: I am not perfect and this isn't meant to be offensive, I just want bbs to avoid going down the dark paths I have previously.
Since the summer I've been really looking at my life and wondering what they hell am I doing. April I had tuba ligation surgery, then during recovery my place had a disaster and I had to give up my cats. Then I pretty much lost my identity of who I am.

Then I pretty much went into depression and confusion, even with being in regular therapy and I have awesome doctors with all their advice I still have to love myself and live life on my terms. Well my internet business is a huge outlet for me and has huge potential for growth and opportunities. It's pretty much my path to freedom and even some type of fulfilment. It's definitely not about me being a cam model til I Am 50. 2018 makes 15 years I want to make changes I want to reach the next stage of my adult life. whatever that might be.

So it starts by taking full responsibility with my life which means my money, Now I see it is just me and my money, I am not having children so my money will be my child. Yea it might sound weird but basically I have me, I take care of my I work hard to take care of me, working hard results in producing money, which gives me that unconditional support. The more I work the more money comes and that unconditional support comes back to me.

So that means facing my credit, rebuild my credit, using credit to support me and get everything in this life that having a proper financial relationship can give me. I will write more on it but it just the intro on it.

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  1. Ifyouseekamy's Avatar
    Good to see! Keep up the good work! Iím still on baby step 2, but Iíll have to pop in your blog!
  2. Shannon.'s Avatar
    Thank you for this post.
    I’ve had that “what the hell am I doing with my life” feeling and this inspiring for me.