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12 steps revision

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I finally can communicate with other people! Yay! So I went to my 12 step group. Itís so nice to be around other spiritual people; although, Sometimes it feels like Iím the only free thinker around this area So I read some agnostic blogs about the 12 steps. Being a women and constantly feeling the Christian religion is trying to dictate what is best for me, the whole concept of powerlessness and God can be very hard for me. Most of the people in the group are just trying to recover, so they could care less about what I believe in, but I have to be true to myself. I donít need to go around saying,ĒGod is deadĒ, but I do need to be true to myself. I will not say the Lordís Prayer if itís said-Iím really quite shocked I heard it again tonight! I donít need to say anything; I can quitely stand and have a moment of silence (and I know one cares but me).

What I realized thereís more benefit than harm with the alanon program. I did meet ups for awhile, but feel like I really need to be around people who understand what itís like to be adult child. No one at group ever judges me, at least not for my adult child issues. No one asks why Iíve experienced so much hardship because they already know. They donít ask me why I donít talk to my family. We all have a hard life because we werenít taught how to be true to ourselves and to take care of ourselves. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have. No one excepts anything other than for me to be my best self. Even though the G word is very off putting, I feel like thereís more to gain so long as they let me work the 12 steps from an agnostic perspective.

I really like this idea of a higher power:

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I am both an atheist and a Buddhist. I too have struggled at times with the concept of a higher power. I finally settled on a Zen approach. I have a higher power but if you ask me what my higher power is I will say I don't know.

I don't need to define my higher power because any definition I come up with will be inadequate. That and the fact that it changes from day to day and minute to minute. Whatever it is at the time is just fine.

So Iíve looked at the first fours steps reinterpreted without the God without a capital G.

1) Admit I am powerless, not helpless, over other people, random events, and my own persistent negative behaviors, and that when I forget this, my life becomes unmanageable.

2) came to believe that spiritual resources can provide power for my restoration and healing

3) made a decision to be open to spiritual energy and take deliberate action to change the things I can

4) search honestly and exactly within myself to the exact nature of my actions, thoughts, and emotions.

My sick week has turned into a self care week and a spiritual

I remember seeing, ďturning my life over to Godís will,Ē and just seeing images from the Hulu show the handsmaid tale. Not to mention the church telling me I couldnít divorce my abusive husband was the reason I stayed, so ďGodís willĒ doesnít work for me.

I think having a group of people who love and support me is all the matters. As long as thereís good will and they are healthy enough to accept my journey, then I think itíll work.

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