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Solid Routine: Pole Dancer Eats A Piece Of Pizza On Stage

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And she made bank!

The video is worth watching...

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  1. Titus23's Avatar
    I would probably tip the hell outta her for that. I think it's awesome!
  2. MargaritaVillain's Avatar
  3. miss.a.p1600's Avatar
    What the?!?.......I'm all for a lady getting that $$$$ but um......I don't find this sexy - at all....And I love food porn but this is not it

    She need to at least be twerking that ass, looking like she's orgasming while eating or something.

    She should have eaten a corn dog, a banana, a popsicle, some peaches n cream, poured some whipped cream on her tits n licked it off, or something sexy.

    Like you gonna have some food on the stage make it seductive.

    I did like how she dropped into the splits at the end though
  4. Titus23's Avatar
    I agree, it's not really sexy. It's funny as hell though. I like funny. She looks comfortable, which is awesome. One of my favorite dancers, at my urging, did a stage set in her sweatshirt because it was cold as hell and it was a slow night. Just because convention says you gotta do x, y, and z, doesn't mean you can't pull out a, b, and c sometimes to have fun with it!
  5. slowpoke's Avatar
  6. cleocamellia's Avatar
    I FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM!! She's too cute i dig her style! I really love seeing dancers having fun on stage! I think that's a huge appeal to lots of customers! You don't want to look like you hate your job when you're trying to entertain people! This is very clever and whether or not anyone thinks its sexy, it's BOLD, it's DIFFERENT and it gets ATTENTION! That's what you want! Keep doing you Lilly! <3
  7. MargaritaVillain's Avatar
    I think it's hilarious. She has a sexy, unique style and a good sense of humor.
    I love seeing dancers having fun on stage, and laughing when we're sitting together between lapdances. Those are the ones who cause me to leave the club with no money (so worth it).
  8. impossiblegame's Avatar
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