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Winged Dinghy

VEGAS: Day Three

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You may have noticed I skipped days one and two. You may have also noticed it has been nine years (!) since my last post. Well, I'M BACK! And a better stripper than ever before.

I'm also a VEGAS STRIPPER as of about an hour ago. I got hired at Cheetahs and I start tomorrow! It was the first place I auditioned in Vegas. I called on Sunday afternoon and asked when they held auditions. They asked "for what shift" and I said "day shift" and they told me around 1 or 1:30.

This morning at 10am I went to the Fashion Show mall and got a blowout, had the people at Bare Minerals do my foundation (I then bought a foundation, which I needed anyway) and bought fake eyelashes at MAC, which they kindly applied free with purchase. I told everyone I was going to be auditioning, and they were all super supportive and had good advice on where to go and how to tweak my look ("Vegas stripper hair is BIG," my hairstylist said.) Thus dolled up, I put on black eyeliner and liquid lipstick, black leggings, a black silk camisole and nude platform heels, the same brand Kate Middleton wears.

So then I called an Uber and my driver gave me a little pep talk bc I was nervous AF. "You can do this! You're just nervous because that's what happens if you venture out of your comfort zone!"

Emotionally empowered, I hopped out at Cheetah's. A tattooed gent with a silver ponytail told me he'd get the manager. They both came out and asked if I had a sheriff's card (no), if I had danced before. I listed some of the clubs I've worked at in New Orleans, and they said they would take me back to see the house mom.

She said I looked familiar: "You've been here before! I hadn't, and told her so, but I thought that was a good sign. I do feel that each of these managers and the house mom had to approve of me before I could get to the next step. I changed into a two-piece set, she brought a manager back in, and he said, "I like what I see." She said "I do, too" in a British accent.

Then they told me I was hired! They were super nice. They showed me how to get buzzed in and gave me a referral for my sheriff's card. I am not going to lie, I am legit thrilled to be working in the club from Showgirls. I hope I can make enough to make it worth it to come out here and work once a month, because I love Vegas.

It's a beautiful desert city surrounded by mountains. My sister says it doesn't have a culture, but to me, its newness and embrace of the new feels like a sort of culture. One that's so different from New Orleans'. But the hustler mentality--the 24/7 bars, the strip clubs, the service industry presence, the tourism, the ebb and flow of money--that feels the same.

I honestly love it here, and I am so thrilled to be working at Cheetahs. I was really, REALLY scared to audition. The competition is so high in Vegas, and the clubs attract the hottest, most ambitious strippers in the country. Plus you get all those struggling actresses and models from LA flying in on weekends. Anyway, I was intimidated. Probably more scared than I was even when I first auditioned. Yeah, I was definitely less nervous at my first audition than I was here.

Anyway, I am proud of myself for pushing through it. AND GETTING FUCKING HIRED AT THE SHOWGIRLS CLUB

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  1. Nyla19's Avatar
    Awesome! Good luck.
  2. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nyla19
    Awesome! Good luck.
    Thank you! It was a fun although kinda slow day shift yesterday. Money was the same as at my home club in NOLA! Working a shift this afternoon, then getting on a plane back home.
  3. pinkpetal's Avatar
    Love the post!! cheers
  4. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pinkpetal
    Love the post!! cheers
    Thanks! I can't wait to go back to Vegas.
  5. Stripperwhoneedshelp's Avatar
    awesome I am so happy for you all your post help so keep them up I am going for my first audition late June i am uber nervous thats why i stalk this site lol
  6. m1nx's Avatar
    Just found this post. This is awesome! Congrats!
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