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Vegas breakdown day by day

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For dancers thinking of working in Vegas, I hope this is useful. I found the logistics of Vegas a little bit challenging, but I did end up getting hired, getting my sheriff's card and working two shifts during my six-day visit. Here's what I did, and what I would have done differently.

Day 1
Thursday, May 10

I arrived via Spirit Airlines at about 9pm and took a free shuttle straight to my hotel (Palace Station, which was recommended by a few dancers here). I went straight to sleep because I needed to hit the ground running in the AM.

Day 2
Friday, May 11

I woke up, ate at the Palace Station Starbucks (pricey, would recommend going to the McDonald's across the street) and walked about 1 mile to the nearest dispensary that opened at 9am and stocked up on edibles and a vape pen. Then I went back to the hotel, dolled myself up and got on the free shuttle to the Fashion Show mall, which is about a 15 minute walk to Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino.

At Spearmint Rhino, they told me to come back around 1 or 1:30pm to audition. I asked for a referral for a sheriff's card and they said they would give it to me if I was hired. I walked over to Sapphire because I was really hoping to get a referral for my sheriff's card, so I could apply for it that afternoon. Sapphire also told me to come back to audition in the evening around 6pm or 7pm.

I decided not to go back later for two reasons: One, the sheriff's office closes at 5pm on Friday, and I wouldn't be able to work without the card. Two, I thought my chances of getting hired on a Friday night were pretty slim.

So I went back to Palace Station, ate two edibles and got too high to function for a few hours, then went and hung out by the pool that evening. They had a DJ and stuff; it was really cute.

Saturday, May 12

I had booked a photo shoot via Model Mayhem, so I got breakfast and took an Uber out to the studio. Got paid $100 for two hours and finished up by noon. I was getting pretty concerned about whether I was going to be able to get hired and make money during my trip. I got too high to function (again) that afternoon, then took the free shuttle to the strip and hit up three casinos. I won $3 from the slots machine and got free wine while I was sitting there. Score!

Sunday, May 13

I woke up, took the shuttle to the Fashion Show mall (I really endorse Palace Station and its free shuttle--saved me a ton of money) and got a blowout. I also had my foundation done for free with purchase at Bare Escentuals and had fake eyelashes applied at Mac. I called Cheetahs about auditioning--I figured they were not as competitive as Spearmint Rhino or Sapphire, and once I had my foot in the door and had a sheriff's card, I could go back to those clubs. They told me to come in at 1 or 1:30. I did and was hired for that shift--it was a pretty standard strip-down-and-look-at-your-body audition. They gave me a referral for my sheriff's card, told me I could work the day shift from 11am to 11pm and asked me to come back at 11:30 on Monday.

I went back to the hotel, ate more edibles and then went to the strip and saw Magic Mike at the Hard Rock Cafe. So many screaming women.

Monday, May 14

I ate a heavy breakfast at McDonald's and took an Uber to the police station. Got there at 8:30am. It took 3 hours and cost $84.75 to get my sheriff's card. I went straight from there to Cheetahs. Worked from noon to 7pm. It was dead. I only made $100. I do like the club, though. The staff is great. Girls are nice. Can't say enough good things about it. I was starving when I finished my shift, so I tore up the buffet at Palace Station, which only cost $10. I do recommend you join the Players' Club if you stay there. I did, and you get a free spin on this wheel which saved me a few dollars on the meal. Then I lounged by the pool until I got tired. I watched Showgirls in my hotel room and have never related harder to Nomi (the movie takes place in Cheetahs).

Tuesday, May 15

I got up at 5:30am, took an Adderall and knocked out two writing assignments I had due today. That took until 10:30am. Then I packed up my room at Palace Station and checked out. I took all my shit to Cheetahs and stored it in my locker. My flight was supposed to leave at 7:50pm, so I figured I would work from noon to 5pm and then head to the airport. However, it kept getting delayed, so I just working. Luckily I got flight notifications so I wasn't stuck at the airport; I was at least making money. I left the club at 8pm.

I made $200 and the house mom apologized about it being a slow shift. $200 is a good day shift where I work at home, so that's encouraging.

Here's what I would have done differently: I would have arrived on a Monday or Tuesday and stayed through the weekend. That would have given me more time to get hired and get my sheriff's card before the busy weekend rolled around.

I would also have auditioned at SR and Sapphire first. I think that's where I have to be if I want to make money on Vegas trips. I spent about $1000 on my flight, hotel, transportation, food and startup costs and made $400 out here. That's not bad for a trip that I considered a working vacation. But I would like to go back and I would like to at least break even.

I can cut my expenses by staying in a weekly rental, which start at like $200, and making my own food. I will probably stay at least one night in a nice hotel though.

Here's what I would do again: I would definitely go back to Palace Station. It's a nice value and a nice hotel. I will also try to line up a guaranteed booking, like another photo shoot. I also will definitely work at Cheetahs again--maybe keep the day shift there and hopefully get in at a mega club for night shift or early am shift.

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  1. Elle:)'s Avatar
    Thank you. Your post was very useful.
  2. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    good! that's what I strive for.
  3. PorschaTravels's Avatar
    Thank you girl! I finally became a member I love this site.
    I feel like we need a lot more of these breakdowns; they’re super helpful! I will do one too. I love how you mention booking model gigs, that’s a genius idea. How can you make money traveling? I’m definitely working on that so thank you for mentioning model mayhem. I’d also use CL, backstage, Mandy,, etc. I bought camera equipment and a laptop, so I’d post that I’m available in the area if someone’s looking for a photographer or producer. I also love kids and cooking and just helping others so I’d use to find work. I can think of many other ways to make money while traveling. How about you, how can you make money traveling?
    I travel and dance but I like to stay away from major cities (while I work on my body). Because of that I ended up in a Jewish town in Jersey making $ 2-3 even 4,000 on a weekend. I believe there are these sneaky clubs aka the gold pots and they’re in the places we least expect.
    If I’m going to travel to dance I make sure to go on a Wednesday or even Sunday. It’s not a good idea to audition on a Friday or Saturday. Seems a bit desperate and staff are busy and even sometimes you wouldn’t be able to work because schedules are up.
    I’d love to try Vegas one day. Definitely when I explore the south west! In the West id take flights but here in the northeast I’m driving from state to state with my bestie.
    Anyways, I hope we can connect and share traveling stories! I’m planning tons of content and a blog for my upcoming road trip.


    Porscha ��
  4. Skincity's Avatar
    Great post. I've heard many story's from other girls working Las Vegas, hit or miss usually.

    I appreciate your detailed story and suggestions.