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12 steps and sex work

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Iím so glad I found a program that can accept me. Iím looking forward to working the program.

I was was going to alanon meetings which was better than nothing.

ive been in therapy for as long as I can remember. Iím grateful for therapy, but my criticism of therapy is that it doesnít help change anything. Therapy has helped me cope with the insanity of living with effects of growing up in a dysfunctional families, but at some point activism is needed more than just coping skills. I think there is a tendency to medicalize behavior and to assign ďillnessĒ or ďdisorderĒ to whatís really a reaction to living in a dysfunctional society-in psycho babble terms.

i really feel like my mental illness has to do with living in area of the US that is not tolerant. I had a Chienese friend move to NYC from an affluent suburb because of racism. Itís a really rich and educated community, so I was in disbelief. It validated that itís not just me being in this industry. A lack of tolerance and open mindedness is problematic in the Midwest. Iím thinking of moving to a more progressive part of the US.

Ive found most Fellow travelers to be accepting of my job. I found most of them to be the most conscientious and intelligent people. There are few who are too unsafe to be in contact with, but I think thatís very rare. I think most people who spend most of their day in meetings dealing with their shit are pretty safe people.

Ive been able to to express a bit about how the stigma of dancing has effected my mental health. Iím thankful that Iím received with love and acceptance. I know many may not agree or understand, but to be receive love in spite of that is healing.

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.


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