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30 days of being a PSO

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I am a little late with this blog post as I have now done it for 6 weeks. It has been a rollercoaster journey. Thanks to my curiosity for all things fetish and my willingness to learn it has facilitated my success. Many surprises have come in the last 6 weeks in the form of "Wow, I didn't know I could do that." or "Wow, my character is really helping these men with their fantasies, frustrations, loneliness." and so on. I am fortunate to have been in the fetish scene on the west coast and now the east coast, as that has opened up many doors for me in my current job as a PSO. My last job was working at a fetish retail which allowed me to be surrounded by what I love. (That will be for another blog post) and all of my customers in those 18 months taught me something. It is an experience I will never forget.

I have been told I have a disarming personality and that has helped me put shy, insecure and nervous people at ease. With that being said, as soon as I earned their trust they began to open up. Kinks I had only read of and others that I had no clue even existed. As time went on, nothing shocked me and I looked forward to being on the sales floor so I could engage with whoever trickled in through that infamous door. I have helped couples, singles, teachers, lawyers, CEOs, a detective, police officers, nurses, professors, doctors, you name it. Each unique in what they were after. As I sit here at 6 in the morning, memories begin to flood. I quit in February for personal reasons, no bad blood. It was time for me to let go and move on to new ventures. I explored a couple other means of work before landing my PSO gig.

I have learned new skills and polished up old ones. The amount of hours I have spent reading the NITFLIRT HELP CENTER and the amount of time looking for helpful resources has helped me progress. I had a lot of doubts in the beginning since I thought I needed to pay someone to make my HTML layout, and I thought I had to pay to learn how to talk to clients, but no, no I didn't. Turns out that all these years being a fetishist myself, it has paved a smoother road. I have my days where not knowing who is calling or what the call will be about has given me minor anxiety, but pushing through it always proves that it was worth it. The day will come where a client will call and taboo will be requested (happens to all) and that is the day that I dread. The thought does not consume me, but it does cross my mind. This Is why I have set up my character to be Dr/Therapist/Fetish Coach role-play so I can be the one they come to vent/express, not just bust a nut. Always respect the standard that you set for yourself. If you are not comfortable, simply say that is not a topic you cover and block the person if you choose to. (I have done this when I get messages I am not okay with to lessen the possibility of them contacting me again and risking a bad review because they were offended.)

The effort one puts in to any new venture will pay of sooner or later. I do one day plan to pay for an online PSO class to expand my knowledge and see how PSOs before me have reached success. For now I keep hustling and look for information spread on the world wide web. I have a transgender friend who started a month ago. She had her doubts and I pushed her because I knew inside she could handle this being as we are former co-workers and close friends in the scene. It makes me happy to see her progress. Witnessing her newfound confidence has been a joy, and if it wasn't for her willingness to listen and study in this PSO world she would be missing out on this opportunity. Shout out to Dr. Grey Fetish Therapy

A special thanks goes out to the Lord of the Kings for being my trusted and beloved friend. He was the first person I confided in when I decided to explore this. You teach me constantly what it means to be a good human in this dark world. You rock and kick so much ass. You are a good person on the inside, and beyond handsome on the outside. P.s. the way you chew bubblegum will always make me melt.

For those who have questions feel free to message me. I am always posting and reading different threads related to NiteFlirt/PSO.

Until next time, this is pinkpetal signing out.

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