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I am debt free !!!

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Total debt: $8,080

  • Credit Card $508
  • Student Loan $2,600
  • Payday Installment Loan $4,100
  • Virgin Mobile Contract Buyout $541
  • Business Debt $331

From August 2017 to August 2020!

I've been tracking my debt payoff using

  • August 2020 $2,000
  • July 2020 $400
  • June 2020 -$1,100
  • May 2020 $1,100
  • April 2020 $1430.43
  • March 2020 $100
  • February 2020 $100
  • January 2020 $100
  • October 2019 $541

Once my consumer proposal was official it took me 9 months to pay off my debt. Also due to the pandemic I was fortunate enough to receive some emergency pandemic money from my local government I applied it majority of it to my debt.
Income range: Basic needs and shelter is from my disability income $17,448 then I supplement my income working self-employed my income fluctuates a lot

Jobs: Full-time disabled living with bipolar disorder and multiple sclerosis and I work when I can part-time as a cam model and affiliate.

Type of debt: The majority of the debt was combined into a consumer proposal that was the student loan from 2005! The dumb payday installment loan and the let me see if I can get a credit card

Plus some business debt and I bought out my cell phone contract so my iPhone 7 Plus is officially mine
What happened: I was normal when it came to handling my personal finances and living with a mental illness and chronic illness.

Biggest Cheerleader:

The Holy Spirit and myself.

Going through the process it was not my family at all they suck at being supportive.
There was comments from the twitter community, my youtube channel and whenever I would post on my facebook profile.
and people I told while I would get my hair done at the salon

What's the secret to getting out of debt . You have to do the work there is no short cut, even filing bankruptcy is not a short cut.

What next:
I am going to take a nap, then work my weekly income-producing schedule I will increase my savings, ramp up investing and rebuild my credit so that one day I can buy my first home.

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