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Getting Out of Bad Living Situations

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hi all
I am in a situation where I need to move because of my bf, we not getting along and it his place..I have been applying a few vanilla jobs still in the process of interviews...ok cool..I work like 4 cam sites do ok most days ..some days are good some is bad...or ok..I do work part time on cam for few years...because it get draining at my age older female.. but I need to move out the end summer my goal...I even thinking of applying for social assistance hmm kinda doing all not sure about that..hmmm..

I can work here it becoming stress sometimes living with him..I still looking for jobs to work at home or office but I cant wait for that too come when I want too save now...thinking of going full time on cam and just save or take an airbnb place for week of the each month just as a get away from him and work 10 hrs a day...any advice... thanks..bit stress..

You can apply to be put on the waiting lists for subsidized housing (Where the rent is based on your income) in your area. Your local Social Services office might have a list of income-based apartments in your area. But you may get quicker results by doing a Google search for subsidized housing in your area, and then calling them. Make sure they do offer it (Some of those lists might have inaccurate information on it) before you waste a trip, and ask the leasing offices of those apartment complexes if you can stop by to fill out an application packet. BUT keep in mind that the waiting lists for those places are usually around 6 months or more. And by that time you may already be earning the money you need to make to qualify for a regular (NON-subsidized housing) 1-BR apartment for yourself, and have the number of required pay stubs to show to a leasing office.

In the meantime, your bf is causing you too much stress, so the Airbnb could work for now if it's someplace that has good high-speed internet. I'd imagine the internet there would be better than, say, the Wi-Fi at a cheap Super 8 motel (I remember I tried to cam from a Super 8 once...the Wi-Fi was so bad, I had to log off and just record a video instead). I lived in an Extended Stay hotel for a month and a half in 2019, and the amount of tax that's tacked on to your bill is AWFUL. The Wi-Fi was good enough to cam on, but I had paid extra for the upgraded Wi-Fi. Having to deal with your neighbors' cigarette smoke/weed coming into your vents - despite it being a "NON-smoking hotel" - sucked. Even with that Extended Stay Perks discount, it's expensive. I don't know much about Airbnb, but I have a feeling going the Airbnb route would be better and a little cheaper...even if you're only able to work (cam or whatever) when the home owner is gone at their job.

This forum has lots of threads about adult industry work (camming, phone sex, sexting, selling clips and custom videos, etc.). There are also good work from home blogs (for non-adult work):

ThriftingThickChick on YouTube also posts videos about new work from home job leads.

If you have an income where you get direct deposit, there's something called The Dave App that allows you to borrow up to $75/$100 instantly when you don't feel like waiting for payday. You choose a payback date, and then it's automatically paid back on that date. If you happen to NOT have the funds on that date to pay it back, you don't get hit with an overdraft fee. It checks your bank account balance to make sure that it's safe to withdraw the funds. I've used that app many times, and there was one time when I actually didn't have the money on the payback date like I thought I would. And it just tried again on a different day when I DID have the funds.

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