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How Not to Go Broke As A Cammodel/Sex Worker: A Mini Guide

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I saw this post and felt it deserved to be blogged-very sound advice.

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To add on to what KK said, I've met a lot of people that don't know how to create a realistic budget. Most likely, your bills aren't the only thing you spend money on and need to take into account. You have shit like food, transportation costs, entertainment costs (netflix, eating out), whatever funds you spend on your pets, child expenses, etc. People tend to either wildly overestimate or (more commonly) severely underestimate how much they spend on things that aren't fixed bills.

You also need to keep in mind periodic expenses, for example if you see your hairdresser irregularly, take your pet to the vet once a year, have to pay yearly property taxes/insurance, have significant fluctuations in your utilities depending on season, or have occasional car/home repairs. You may not need that stuff immediately, but some of it can really add up, so you should ideally have a savings account that you treat like a monthly bill - add something every month, and then you'll have it when one or more of those things comes due.

If you want to take some time to really make a full budget, I recommend sitting down with at least 6 months worth of credit card statements, bank statements, and receipts for cash purchases. Go through every line and classify it into a budget category. An individual bill is what it is, but for things that aren't, try to tell if it was groceries, medication, dog food, clothing, whatever. See over time how much you really spend on things.

Here's an example of the things that are in my budget:
  • Fixed bills:
    • Mortgage (rent),
    • car payment,
    • health insurance,
    • dental insurance,
    • car insurance,
    • internet,
    • phone bill

  • Bills that may change from month to month:
    • electric,
    • water,
    • (I don't have gas, but it would go in this category),
    • credit card minimums

  • Monthly discretionary spending (I'm going to spend it, but have some control over when and how much I spend):
    • groceries,
    • gas for my car (or public transport, if you don't drive),
    • eating out (this could also be lumped in with your groceries or your entertainment budget),
    • entertainment costs (in my case, Netflix, Crunchyroll, video game sub),
    • dog food/treats/toys,
    • medications,
    • lawn care

  • Semi-regular non-monthly spending:
    • vet bills,
    • out of pocket medical expenses (non-emergency doctor's visits),
    • hair stylist,
    • property taxes/registration on my car,
    • "mandatory" gifts (xmas, birthdays)

  • Irregular spending:
    • home repairs/furniture/home decor,
    • car repairs,
    • clothes (if you like shopping more than I do, this could be monthly or semi-regular),
    • travel

  • Things that aren't currently listed in my budget, but could/should be, and might need to be in your budget:
    • work needs/upgrades,
    • child related expenses,
    • student loan payments,
    • paying more than the minimum on various debt,
    • retirement savings,
    • emergency fund savings (which isn't the same thing as saving for the inevitable expenses you know are coming),
    • play money

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