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Holy crap how my throat is annoying. I've been coughing and drinking everything hot and eating ginger, garlic and throat pastilles but it's still full of snot. Oh well. Today I'll have a lecture, some work (totally unrelated) and hopefully some shopping, too. Then it's school and (unrelated) work until Friday. On Saturday I'll go to a wedding and maybe out with a friend (my girl crush, I'm still keeping the hope alive that she'll develop a crush on me, too). And on Sunday I'll work again.

I was at work on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was normal but Sunday was sooo dead. On Saturday my most faithful regular visited and on Sunday another. And one customer brought me a gift... a vibe. But, a gift is a gift.

I cannot wait to get my degree... It's so close now. When they get one more course marked on the system, I can ask for the certificate. I've taken the course already so practically I have BSc. The course system is so complicated to me, however, that I cannot fully believe it until I get the certificate...

A couple entries ago I told you how one customer violated me. Last week I got the results of the tests and everything was negative. I'll probably go one more time to take the hiv test after a few months, though, but I'm quite sure already that it'll be negative, too.

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