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Haha take this!

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Yesterday I worked with a girl who (I know, she has told me) offers, ahem, more services than me if you know what I mean. But guess what? I had more customers than her and the ones I had spent more time with me than the ones she had!

That really encourages me to continue being what I am. I still want to believe that in the end it's better not to bow before money.

I talked with her and said that some men just like to cuddle and chat and they are happy with that and don't even want to get more. She looked at me like

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  1. trchaves's Avatar
    No, I think you may be prettier than her and the guys are hopping for more from you. If you want cuddling from men, get a boyfriend, if you put yourself out as an object, then that is all you are. You are doing what you are doing for money, just the same as the other girl who offers more.