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In love with an idea.

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So I have realized that you really can be in love with an idea. It's happened to me recently. I was dating a woman that had everything I was looking for. She had a great job, was very good with money, had a son, and wanted at least one more child. I even liked her family!!! A lot!!! But one morning something happened and I seen something in her which should have made me run away as fast as I could but I stayed. I stayed because of the idea of her and everything she had to offer, not her as a person. I guess you would call it a red flag. Now that I look back on it with an open mind I should have seen a ton of red flags!! You do truly live and learn, it just sucks that it takes a broken heart to see that. Now the question on my mind is how do I not let that happen again? Stop dating and live alone the rest of my life? Not an option!

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  1. Hello_Kitty27's Avatar
    No, just be more cautious! I know, easier said than done. I've fallen into the same rut here and there, ignoring red flags and such. It's no fun.