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God, I am a nervous wreck. I left home to come to Tampa. God only knows I hate Missouri. I wanted a challenge. I wanted to venture out into the unknown and see for myself if I had what it took to come out here. I hear all this its attitude, personality, lalala. Yeah to a certain extent it is, but fuck personality ain't shit when a 34DD 5'10 105 llbs blonde with zero intellectual capacity is on the roster. It's like trying to assault a fucking Bradley tank with a slingshot. It just can't be done. So I feel ike a failure and that I have let more people than just myself down. So for florida I'm cute, but not hot, a bit too intellectual and about 10 llbs overweight. (yes I am trying to lose it) Missouri my body is fine, wayyy to intellectual, I don't fit in with the local crowd. I still make $$ there though. and we come to my beloved New Mexico. I made $$$$ there it was great. I could be myself.

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  1. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    Searching for the perfect club in the perfect state sounds like looking for the Holy Grail. I'm looking for a good home club for me, too.

    We should hit up some clubs when you're in NOLA!
  2. mysteryman's Avatar
    Assulting a Bradely Fighting Vehicle with a sling shot, LOL! Boy does that paint a funny image in my head! Made me laugh and spill my coffee.
    Thanks!wink wink
  3. pinupgurl2k6's Avatar
    I must say I also enjoyed that analogy, Tank and Blonde.
    I feel you when it comes to doing something different. The Mentally Handicapped soon to be ex-husband of mine forgot to lock my cage.

    Don't feel like a failure, your body is just fine. There is a stereotype in Florida, I have worked there, bleached out my hair to MM blonde and tanned for the first time.

    Just try talking about sex, these guys aren't looking for an in depth disscussion, they want to escape. In Florida the sleeze is hard core, just roll with it not by changing you, but changing your hustle. I am no expert, I just know Florida was a shock to me as well.

    I don't know if there is a perfect club anymore but if you find paradise let me know, I don't cut throat, I don't have to cut throat