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Well, that completely sucked.

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I see 3 people have read my last blog entry, in which I detailed the process of me mustering up the balls to go in to Scores with my friend/co-worker/dildo-fuckee S. Well, gentle readers, I'm sorry to say that mission was a failure at every level.

After getting myself all geared up (put my makeup on, practiced my booty-clapping, ate a veggie burger, packed a little work snack, got all my clothes together, listened to upbeat music, drank some coffee), I called S on the way to the club. No answer. Oh well, she's probably on her way. Found a parking spot close to Bourbon--score! (haha. pun intended). Got to the club--no S! Called her--no answer! Hmm...was I being flaked on?

I went inside the club to see about auditioning, knowing that without S, I was at a serious disadvantage. She knows the management well enough that she could have persuaded them to take me on, even on a busy night (or so she said). I didn't think I would have much luck walking into an esteemed club on a Friday night, and sure enough, the manager told me they were "packed" with girls but that I could audition next week. I never know what to think when they say that. Do they mean it? Or is that their polite way to say, "no thanks, we'd rather you didn't work here." However, I know some of the girls there, and I'm cuter than some of them, in my humble opinion. So, anyway, I put going to audition there on my list of things to do next week.

I called S again when I got outside and texted her. Still no response! I had been officially flaked on.

So, at this point, I was at a loss for what to do. I waited around a few more minutes for S to show up, then said eff it. I considered going to one of the other fifty million clubs on Bourbon, but I didn't feel like hearing the same thing again. I couldn't work at the New Orleans East club because you have to work at least one weeknight if you want to work the weekend shifts, and I hadn't done that. I tried calling the Metairie club to see if I could work there tonight, but the manager didn't answer. I considered driving out there and seeing if I could work, but I decided against it because

1. You have to work a minimum shift of 6 hours. Which means that I would be getting off at 3 am. And I want to take a Pilates class at 9:30 am. So, no thanks to that.

2. The house fee after 9 is like, $40 or something, and it's free before 7. Since I've not made a lot of money at this club in the past, $40 is too much to pay.

3. I didn't even know if I would be turned away at the door, anyway. They have the same weekday policy, technically.

So I just went home. I guess I'll have a Friday night at home with my netflix and laptop and early bed time. Which sounds okay, I guess.

The Metairie manager did call me back, though, and said I could work tomorrow. So I'll go in early to avoid the house fee.

For now, though, I'm all strippered up and no place to go.

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  1. AngelWithHorns's Avatar
    Aw. Good luck w/your impending audition. I hate club-seeking outings that go like that.