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*this is an expanded version of a post i made to the forums

Last night I was doing a lap dance. I had my back to the customer for a few minutes; then I turned back around and straddled him. Something didn't feel right; something was poking me in the groin. Something warm and smooth and insistent.

the dude's penis was out. poking my in my groin. about an inch away from penetrating me,

I leaped off his lap and ran out of there yelling, "NO! NO!" I told the bouncer who it was and he got thrown out.

Then I had to go on stage and I just wanted to cry.
Afterwards I went into the dressing room to recuperate and the manager told me I needed to get on the floor.

I called my best friend and she said she was sleeping. So I didn't have anyone to tell. I felt so alone and violated and angry and hurt.

I didn't have any hustle left in me after that, but I couldn't leave unless I wanted to get docked for leaving early.

so I just sat by myself on the floor, did my stage rotations. I made $150. Then I went in my car and cried, like, a snotty, gut-wrenching, heaving, cry, and called a crisis hotline so i would have somebody to vent to. They recommended counseling. So i am going to talk to a counselor on Monday.

It was the worst night I've had in a long, long time.

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  1. MargaritaVillain's Avatar
    Holy shit!
    I hope your bouncer beat the living hell out of that scumbag.
  2. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    aww. I appreciate it. I think he was just shown the door. I should have shown him the bottom of my Pleasers. ugh.