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Waitressing at Diamonds

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I consider this place my home club. I love it there, I fucking hate it there. I have the best nights there and I have the worst nights there. I stopped dancing back in October. And I came back to Diamonds almost two weeks ago to start waitressing. Half of the girls I knew there- all gone. The floormen I knew for the two years I was there -- gone. No one likes our new management. I don't have a problem with him and he doesn't have a problem with me. It works for me. It's always been that way in the clubs I have worked at. But anyways thats not the poitne of this entry. The thing I am getting to, the other waitress and the bartender -- drive me up the fucking wall. Too busy flirting with customers and not working nearly as hard as they should be. Then when the guy/guys they are flirting with get kicked out for sitting there with no drinks and not spending on the girls they bitch. Claiming they could get the guys to come back in. Problem this presents to me : we are there to sell drinks and as many as we can for house. House wants money and the flirting with customers for an hour is left to the dancers. The club is about dancers. Nothing else. We don't serve alcohol it's full nude and byob. Also I got yelled at last night because the other waitress had empty tables in her section. In my section there are no empty tables. I make great tips, and I bust my ass. I know I just started waitressing but I'm also not stupid. These two have been doing this for about 10 years each. The other waitress also tried to tell me how to "hustle" money out of customers. Felt slightly offended like she was talking to me like I had no clue what was going on. HELLO!!! I am an ex-stripper of 3 years. Get real. Then last night at the end of the night she had the nerve to ask me how much I made. Not how my night was or anything but literally "How much did you make tonight?" I was thinking 'whoa bitch that is not any of your business.' I will never ask how their night is and respect that it is their business. I do not want to know nor care to know. I bust my ass and sell as many drinks as possible and I am very friendly and helpful and take care of more than they notice.

I am so irritated. It's just...gaaahhhh.

If I have anything to bitch about being there its those two and the new floor manager - turns out hes just a DJ that is a friend of the general manager. I admit we needed a floor manager but this guy just constantly starts drama with the girls. So much has changed there and it doesn't always feel as fun as it used to.

Oh well. It is only two nights a week. Hopefully I get a second job soon and that'll pull me out of this slump.

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