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My 1. blog entry!

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Tomorrow I'll go to work as well as on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That'll be the first time for me to work more than two days in a row. Hopefully there'll be lots of (nice and generous) custies, hehe, and that my back stays in one piece. It's always been a bit sore after a shift, due to heels and me not being that used to them.

I've been more tensed up after visiting my parents. It's not their fault, I think it's because of an issue (very small thing for most but for me the source of uncountable panic attacs) that was brought up.

I'm pissed off by a shirt I decided to wear to work. It had wrinkles I wanted to get rid of but I didn't have an iron so I tried with a heated kettle. That, of course, left a stain on the shirt so I had to wash the shirt and after washing it was still wrinkly (although maybe a bit less than before washing). Oh well, I'm going to take it with me and wear it anyway and if someone says something, I'll change to something else (=the dress I feel I've worn too much).

(Yeah I know irons are cheap, it's just that I feel like ironing once in three years or something so I haven't needed it here before this and now that the need to iron showed up, all stores that sell irons are closed )

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  1. FBR's Avatar
    Irons are cheap. Think of how much stress that will save you

    I noticed your comment about the parentals. Ugh, I had the same deal with seemingly minor stuff that would come up.