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Sugar and daddies

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Well, my food diary is just embarrassing. What's the point of having coffee if I add almost 500 calories of milk, cream, and sugar to it to make it palatable? Also, my peanut butter concoctions while PMSing are really fatty. (What's wrong with adding chocolate chips? Nothing, as far as I can tell. )

On the upside, I may have found a potential sugar daddy! He seems extremely intelligent, articulate, gentlemanly, and ready to spoil me. When I suggested he pick a cheap restaurant, he chose what looks like a very upscale casual Italian eatery and insisted that he pay for gas. That is a very good thing, because I'll have to drive one hundred miles to get there. Lucky for me, I'm familiar with the city and I love it there...also, I have friends in that immediate area that I can call for help in case of a potential emergency.

I'm trying not to get too excited just yet, because I did meet him on craigslist, but he seems to be the most genuine person I've ever met off of craigslist before.

Gah, blame it on the sugar in my pbcc sandwiches, I'm excited anyway!

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