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Seeking Arrangement

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So... normally I don't let life get to me. I guess with my friend's now ex boyfriend wanting sex from me I have been upset. When I'm upset I think about everything else because I have a bad habit of bottling things up. I'm looking for a new apartment and responding to ads on craigslist, expecting emails back.

I logged into my email account and received emails from "sugar daddies" on I TOTALLY forgot about that site. I made that profile for shits and giggles with my friend Rachel. I got two emails before and no one has bothered mailing me since. I don't even have a picture posted. I guess now that the super bowl is in town my profile is pretty popular. Not that I care. I believe sugar daddies look for sex, no? I don't have any desire to have sex with anyone currently, and I'm busy. Plus, I can't read the emails without paying for a membership or submitting a picture and getting it approved (I don't have a camera BAWW! lol).

I think I'll get around to being able to read them when I'm bored after this whole super bowl thing. I hope I make some good money. I just want to get a new place to live. I'm looking to live with roommates for once because I want to have more money for getting a bike, going to school, living, etc, but... I don't think many people are down for living with a stripper. And maybe I haven't been a stripper long enough, but
I'm not down for lying about my job.

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