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Winged Dinghy

just got off work

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Walked with a rather measly $150. We had more girls than customers for most of the night. and I wasn't allowed to do any stage sets at all bc apparently my tattoo is too big and ugly. or something. but the other girls' jailhouse looking tatts are ok. as are half-sleeves. I'm feeling disillusioned with scores now. Maybe it's not the paradise I thought it was yesterday.

This is bunk. We are beautiful and naked. We deserve to be going home with more than $150 a shift! This blows! I mean, this is what I'm taking home at a nice club on bourbon street! and I had to fight to get it. this is jacked! I'm a little buzzed and pooped right now. think I 'm going to bed.

ps. also bummed bc the cute outfits i ordered from snaz75 are out of stock. boooooo.

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  1. foreverchanges's Avatar
    Is business bad in NYC?
  2. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    I don't know--I work at the Scores on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. :-)