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Gotta be kidding me right?

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So I am to get my pay check (supposed to and better) from the club I mean. Like after my shift and we are closed.

But I just found out that they club wasn't open on Tuesday. Extremely confused.

I am thinking it is because they didn't have enough girls. Hoping is more like it.

I love the club as you know but I have this feeling it is one that may not make it much longer in this economy.

Which sucks because it is the most fun and entertaining club in the state.

That place turns into a fucking zoo on busy nights. When we were having busy nights before this recession hit.

We would have anywhere from 300-500 customers a night and for a small place like we are that is phenomenal. No one went home complaining with what they made. Everyone was happy and had a great night.

I hope this isn't a sign of closing -_-.

Not yet!!

I needs to get new glasses like you wouldn't believe. And with no insurance you can imagine how expensive these nice ones are going to be.

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