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I'm late

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for a very important date!

Not really. Just for work. My first day of Kindergarten pretty much showed what my habits would be like. I've been tardy for years.. all throughout high school and my jobs.

Well, now I have to literally pay for it. With how slow it's been (Super Bowl doesn't count!), I'm learning my lesson. no more being late. twenty dollars is a pedicure okay?

Today was slow, but we had a lot of girls due to Super Bowl. One customer that liked me also like another girl and she was from *drumroll*
Jacksonville! My hometown! YAY ^_^ ANNND she worked at Doll House. I always wanted to go in there growing up. I used to live not to far from it. When he bought a dance from me later he told me she was cool as shit and I said, "Psha, that's 'cause we from J-ville!"

Oh, and a taxi driver that i was riding with backed straight into someone's lexus in the parking lot. xD

I'd like to work dayshift and nightshift tomorrow to make some moeny, but the shifts are 9 hours long right now and I can't do 18 hours. I'll die o.O

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