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Coming out of hibernation

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Ugh, I am guessing that my 4 month hiatus is drawing to a close. I decided to take a break from dancing after my failure to make any dinero in Missouri. I know that I shouldn't base my self esteem on how much money I made, but when you go from making $200 on a Monday to walking out with less than $75 on a Friday, it tends to rattle the foundations of your confidence levels. People can't believe that I haven't made any money, which does tend to get me a bit snippy. Anyways I think I'm going to try some club called Illusions.

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  1. Miss_McKenna's Avatar
    I hope it goes well for you!! I totally agree with the money thing, people presume we're either loaded, or we suck, ugh! Good luck!
  2. pinupgurl2k6's Avatar
    I agree with you as well, club hopping is always fun I always work out the average wage. 5 hours of work, 75 for the 5 hours is 15 dollars an hour. That is better than working at K-mart, plus working your own schedule rules. Some times the pro's out weigh the con's.

    I am retired for now. Good Luck!