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Why moderators?

As lives become more complicated and time consuming - more and more people are turning to the internet to get their social, personal, and professional fixes. The internet is becoming a virtual town square. Many consider web communities to be fake or pretend. They don't realize that people are people, even online.

All communities, whether online or offline, require leadership. Someone must be in charge to keep things running smoothly. A community needs visible and accessible leaders. Online commuities change very quickly and easily overwhelm newcomers and burnout regulars. Leaders give support and stability to these members. Additionally, without leaders a site can become over ran by problem posters. Imagine your city without laws or social order.

Because StripperWeb is growing at an incredible rate, our need for effective leaders has also grown. Leaders help keep the entire thing running.

What is a moderator?

Moderators oversee forums and keep things generally running smoothly. To do this they have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other manipulations.

Moderators care about the community and have a desire to make it better. They donate their time and talents to better the environment - building themselves into its culture and history!

Depending on the area a moderator is responsible for, they may play one or more of the following roles:

Role Model - members (especially newbies) look to official leaders for guidence and notice their behavior.

Hosts - keep conversations running smoothly by making sure messages are in the right place.

Cops - remove disruptive members and/or inappropriate messages.

Support Providers - answer questions, help members solve problems, etc.

Greeters - welcome newcomers, point them in the right direction so they can learn the ropes.

Who makes a good moderator?

Want to be a moderator? Please consider these questions:

Do you enjoy the site?
Do you visit the it regularly?
Do you want to help make this the best site of its kind?
Will you treat all members fairly and with respect - even if they are rude?
Would you use your moderator powers in a consistent manner to improve the community?
Can you contribute a few hours every week towards these goals?

If "yes" is your answer to all of the above questions, contact [email protected].

What are the benefits of being a moderator?

All of our moderators recieve:

FREE Premium Membership to the site - including an email address at any of the sites in the network (Web-based or POP3).

Access to special moderator boards, where you can talk with other moderators, and staff members.

The opportunity to develop deeper and extended relationships with members.

Experience in building online personal skills, developing leadership abilities, and using the internet.

Satisfaction from helping others and furthering a cause you believe in.

Insider information.

Title of moderator and recognition in your profile and posts.

Acknowledgment on the community leaders page and the board/s you moderate!

At this time we do not have paid positions, but if we ever do - we will fill them with our most experienced volunteers.

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