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Thread: Showgirl Supplies in Vegas

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    Default Showgirl Supplies in Vegas

    So, how do I get access to the main Showgirl Supplies store in Vegas?

    I know they have satellite stores in a few clubs, but I want to go to the mecca.

    Do I need paperwork from a club? Do I have to buy a store membership? I'm only going to be in town a week, so I don't need a yearly membership.

    The website has no info on how to get in.

    *thinking happy thoughts about all the cool gear I hope to find*

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    Default Re: Showgirl Supplies in Vegas

    My memory is a bit unclear, but I think we just went in, she asked if we were dancers. We said yes and we filled out a short form and she gave us membership cards. I think.

    Honestly, I found the ones inside the clubs to be better than the main one.

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    Default Re: Showgirl Supplies in Vegas

    ^^ Yeah...I *think* that's how it worked for me to.
    I know she asked for my stage name and where I worked.

    I may have shown my buisiness license...but I just can't remember.

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